prom dresses So you’re thinking, “Another formal event again???” Yet, another homecoming or formal dress to start shopping for (sigh). No worries. Just take a deep breath . . . relax . . . and forget about it for a moment. Homecomings and/or formals should not be stressful like so many make it out to be. Shopping for that perfect homecoming dress should be fun and exciting!!!!

Homecoming Dresses in Indianapolis

RaeLynn’s Boutique, in Indianapolis Indiana, has 100′s of short homecoming dresses pushing the trends out from all the top prom dress designer’s fall collections! Homecoming 2012 will soon be here with many girls participating in homecomings and formal events. So get ready, get set, and come see us at RaeLynn’s Boutique.

2012 Homecoming Dresses

Homecoming dresses from Sherri Hill, Jovani, Faviana, Blush Prom and more, are out with sexy, fitted cocktail dresses this year in deep purples and formal black making them perfect high school homecoming events as well as college sorority formals! In addition, all designers have kept true to the more bubbly dresses for that bright personality that you may have, with that ruffled tulle, flared skirt that is so flirty and fun. Keeping with the vivid colors of pink, aqua and even neo you expect to wear to homecoming this year.

Finding your Homecoming Dress

RaeLynn’s Boutique has many unbelievable pieces from all of the top designer’s Fall Homecoming Dress Collections in Indiana! Sequins and lots of beading are definitely in style and will remain throughout Prom 2013.

Whether you want to make your shopping or wedding day special for something special and unique, garter belts make the ideal addition to your attire. These garter belts and thongs are under-garments that come with stretchy fabrics and can be put on around the waist. Well, the main point of these garter belts and thongs is to hold up the stockings. Any fashion aware woman knows the significance of dressing-up stylishly, and the right stockings put in to that ideal fashionable look. Not only are garter belts and thongs comfy to wear these also added to the sex and beauty appeal of a female. Since each woman desires to look attractive and beautiful, these garter belts and thongs are a primary option towards enrichment of an alluring appeal.

While opting for the prefect garter belts and thongs for yourself, ensure that you moreover reflect on the ease and the fit, beside the design and the look. Many a times women purchase garter belts and thongs and recognize that they get too carried-away by the design. There are even certain women who never focus on the ease and the fittings. Always ensure that you purchase the size fittings you are looking for are perfect; after all you don’t just desire to appear good however you might also feel comfy.

These belts are certainly a very trendy piece of lingerie chosen by a lot of women all over the globe. It is astounding how this sole piece of lingerie may alter your entire look. This lingerie is certain to make a woman feel self-important of her body and create her look similar to a diva. The most excellent part is that there are a lot of these belts obtainable in a wide collection of designs and styles. You may as well shop online for the exact lingerie piece and opt from a various collection of fashionably designed produces.

Purchaseing these belts may be a lot of excitement, and you can choose from a broad variety of colors also. On the other hand, you do require opting for colors that go with the clothing you plan to put on. Such as, if you are setting up on putting on a dark colored outfit, you would be better off purchasing one of these in dark colors as well. Even though the shades of colors may differ between the dress and the belt, you will require confirming that they go together with each other for utmost upshot. At the end of the day you require to appear classy and smart with the ideal belt that holds-up the accurate pair of stocks. From satin to the mini-skirt variety, you have an extensive selection to choose and pick from. Most of these pieces are intended for most alluring style and favorable comfort. If you desire to look glamorous and sizzling, these are just what you require to get you appearing all ravishing and beautiful.

A lot of women are ignorant of the variety of options accessible for a sexy panty. From French-cut to boy-shorts and bikinis to thongs, a lovely panty may be found in style and virtually. New Lingerie can be both comfortable and practical. Here is what you ought to know to find the perfect New Lingerie. Well it is important for you to know your panty dimension. Even though it seems apparent, a lot of women do not actually know what dimension panties they must wear. New Lingerie that is too small will sense uncomfortable and tight and might cause unpleasant lines. A sexy panty that is too big will gap and bag uncomfortably. Ensure the fit of the panty you previously owned to see if they fit accurately.

Talking about fashions of a sexy panty, boy shorts are flirty and fun. They offer excellent full exposure without giving up on sex appeal. Male shorts characteristically lack the closuring that produces panty lines; formulating them to be an exceptional option under tighter garments. Shorts are another name for traditional and classic, sexy panty. They have a full-cut with closures about the legs and give complete exposure. Shorts remain trendy, in spite of some female’s first choice for thongs. They are normally thought of more useful moderately than a New Lingerie, however in the right style and fabric may be quite bodily. Bikinis are a distinction on the customary shorts. Depicting high-cut legs and low-waists, they are ideal under these days low-rise clothes. A lot of bikinis are designed at a flirty, youthful market. On the other hand, string-bikinis are another kind of lovely panty in corporeal fabrics for example satin are extensively obtainable and fairly sexy.

When come to a decision on sexy panties, it is significant to know what you will put on them for. A few fashions work better beneath certain garments. Such as, a lot of women find g-strings and thongs prickly under jeans, however pleasing beneath skirts. There are people who feel that shorts cause panty-lines under firm pants.

So when you are in the market to get those sexy panties for yourself make sure that they are comfortable, moreover, make sure that they are not going to harm you or you might not feel uncomfortable whit different clothing’s. There are a lot of sexy panties that are sexy and are not very expensive. So select you market carefully. Seek to find panties that are part of matching new lingerie for utmost application. Taking off your clothes to expose an identical, well fitted panties and bra and is quite appealing. Some panties in addition match with a variety of chemises, corsets, bustiers, and other sets of sexy clothing’s.

It is not possible to find a sole style of panties which will work for all, as an alternative, look for duos in different styles to meet your basic requirements. If you are opting for a fundamental colour idea you will find it effortless to fashion your own panty sets.

Are you looking for cheap corsets that won’t be very expensive for you but which still feel and look exclusive? Well this makes you not the only one. A lot of women these days expect to be able to put on sexy and pretty Premium Lingerie which fit their finances however lose none of the style or quality they wish. In this piece of writing I will make clear why you don’t have to sacrifice these things if you purchase economical corsets and I will let know you where you be capable of finding good transactions online.

The corsets of today have undergone a lot of changes over the time. Initially known as stays in early days, somewhere in the sixteenth century a Premium Lingerie was merely a bodice with strips at the waist; strengthen by whalebone, buckram, and sometimes horn. The center border was further non-breakable by busk made from metal, ivory, or wood, was most frequently laced from the flipside and was primarily a item of clothing reserved for the upper classes. The idea was to support the bust and bestow the stylish pointed shape at the same time as drawing the shoulders support.

On the other hand, corsets of these days play a much diverse role from decades in the past. These days, the Premium Lingerie is seen as an intimate wear and sexy statement meant to please and excite both the consumer and her partner. Ladies who be dressed in Premium Lingerie today are not seeming to decrease their waist dimension by an unbelievable figure of inches or to execute any of the other position related prerequisites that the corsets of former times demanded. So at the same time as women still anticipate any Premium Lingerie to enhance or flatter their normal figure, the Premium Lingerie in particular is as much about a mood as a support item of clothing. With the restoration of the imitation progress corsets are once more seen as extremely luxurious and women of all sizes and shapes might expect to experience superior about themselves in these clothing without spending over the odds.

Corsets are no longer chiefly a hand- made and intricate affair, however a mass created piece of lingerie accessible in a huge range of textures, colors, sizes, and styles, which are now in the reach of even the most restricted finances. Nowadays lingerie styles comprise the use of embroidery or mesh. A lot of have a lace smart and they are accessible in solid colors, print colors, polka hearts and dots, and lots of other choices. For the reason that they are bunch of producers are able to use the featured fabrics used in the production of the more luxurious hand-made counter-parts, however because of the power of mass purchasing, are able to get excellent quotes on feature goods and pass that reduction onto the purchaser – you.

If you are a woman like me, who adores lingerie and believe that it can make you feel sexy with the right choice, then you have to have your top favorite lingerie brands. Every different brand offers something different to their costumers taste. Because of that, you have to know what you want and what style suits you best. Of course there are some different lingerie brands, that can offer you everything you’re looking for. But not every single one of them will fulfill your expectations. Buying lingerie in a whim is one of the worst mistakes you can ever made, you have to consider what style of lingerie will suit you better. I’m gonna share my favorite lingerie brands with you in order to help you out with your shopping dilemmas.

1. Victoria’s Secret: Victoria’s Secret is probably one of the most-known lingerie brands. They’re very affordable comparing with other high-end lingerie brands. They have an amazing variety of lingerie styles. You can find push-up bras, bridal lingerie, everyday-wear lingerie, housecoats, corsets and all that good stuff. They have tons of stores, plus an online store. So, it’s really easy to browse through their collection. Some people don’t like their quality, but in my opinion they have really sexy lingerie pieces. And you can find really affordable pieces on their clearance section too. I love their huge collection, they always have the greatest lingerie models and really seductive pieces. This is one of my favorite brands.

2. Frederick’s Of Hollywood: This is another brand, which is really affordable yet, seductive. You can’t say all of their lingerie pieces is unique, they definitely get inspired some of the higher end lingerie brands but, still who doesn’t want to look sexy for an affordable price range. They have lingerie pieces for almost every occasion, and their quality is really great for their price. You really can find bold choices, if you’re going for something different and attractive. They usually have sale specials, so you can save up some money while looking sexy.

3. Andres Sarda: Andres Sarda is a high-end lingerie designer. Her taste of lingerie is really unique and attractive. You can always find, up to trend pieces in the collection. This is the kind of underwear you want to use as outerwear. It really makes it hard to resist. If you can afford high-end brands, this one is perfect to consider.

4. Asos: Actually ASOS is not only, a lingerie brand. You may know this one as an online store, who has clothing, beauty related items, shoes and lingerie for sale. They have high-end brands and their own branded line. If you want to look to pieces, that will not cost you a fortune but, still look sexy. You can find really great lingerie pieces on sale on ASOS, and you won’t even believe the price and the quality. This is one of the online stores that you can find both, high-end and affordable lingerie. I’m sure you’ll love their own lingerie line.

5. Secret Moments: I kept the best one for the last. Secret Moments is the ultimate seductive lingerie brand ever. Yes, it’s a high-end lingerie brand but, it’s definitely worth the money, if you can afford it. The quality and the uniqueness is indescribable. Every single collection is incredible. The style, the selection is perfect. Their collections are extremely sophisticated and elegant.You can also find nightwear, clothing and perfumery in their collection. Nothing more to say, Secret Moments has the most sexy lingerie pieces you can ever see.

This set is pefect for Christmas! Since the Holidays are coming up, you can see Holiday Lingerie sections in every store and online site. This one is from Elle Macpherson and it’s called Alana.

I really like the style of Elle Macpherson Intimates and this one is no exception. The color combination is beige and ruby red, which suits the spirit of Christmas so well. I’m definitely going to add this one in to my list. It is vintage inspired, exquisite leavers lace is paired with sheer tulle mesh & contrast binding.

Definitely a perfect lingerie choice for a glamorous evening.




These days the demand for retro lingerie otherwise known as vintage lingerie is taking our actual and virtual high streets by storm. Women of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life are harking back to, or realising for the first time that body shapes and styles from this bygone era were not just attractive but highly practical and sensual too.

There is now a beautiful range of highly desirable and very stylish underwear on the market, designed with one thing in mind; to create an awesome, traffic stopping, head turning silhouette. Vintage lingerie and retro lingerie does this through the use of corsets, corselets, girdles, bullet bras and suspender belts, all inspired by designs from the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s, from the war years, right through to the swinging sixties.

Retro and vintage style underwear allows you to create that super feminine shape, putting all the right curves in all the right places. Women are buying it for themselves and each other, men are buying it for their wives and girlfriends and some braver souls will admit to buying it for themselves.

Hollywood, the film industry, glossy magazines, carnivals, panto’s and even gay pride can take some of the credit for bringing this style back into vogue. The actress Dita von Teese and film releases like Moulin Rouge and Cabaret can all claim their part in the role of restoring these great underwear fashions to the collective consciousness.

But what is it that has really re-ignited the passion for stylish, sexy and sophisticated underwear?

Is it that women want to feel like women again? For years, throughout the 70′s, 80′s and even into the early 90′s, a woman’s power struggle in the office, her desire to be heard outside the confines of the home, drove her to dress down, or rather, to dress up in trouser suits, carry briefcases and go to power lunches, hiding their femininity for fear of not being recognised in the workplace.

Now, thankfully, all that is changing, women have firmly established their roles, both at home and in the office. Many women in today’s society hold high powered and responsible positions and they do so, with a femininity that is all their own. The power dresser has been swapped, hopefully forever, for the stylish, sexy, and beautifully curvaceous, powerful woman.


In any article about corsets and corsetry you are bound to come across the word cinching. Cinching is the act of pulling something in tightly, usually with straps or laces to achieve a tight but still comfortable fit. This is exactly what the corset does and in doing so, it helps to create a slimmer looking silhouette or body shape in the torso and waist area of the body.. Generally worn as an undergarment, though it can be (and often is) worn for show, it is traditionally made of stiffened material which is tightly laced to the torso and waist, in order to slim a woman’s silhouette.

Wearing a corset will make it easier and more comfortable to fit into dresses which are cut to a certain shape. The corset will ease the fall of the dress material, hiding any unsightly lumps and bumps by smoothing them out and this helps the dress wearer to feel confident with their look.

Commonly worn under dresses, particularly bridal gowns, the corset can legitimately claim to have helped many a bride into her wedding dress.


The corselet combines the cinching of the corset with the support of a bra. This all-in-one piece of retro underwear is designed to create a shapely figure and provide medium to high support to the bust. It is invisible under clothing and is therefore a firm favourite with many women.

You can choose the corselet to match your outfit since they come in several different forms and colours. Should you be wearing a trouser suit or pair of jeans, you’ll find a panty corselet ideal. It is fastened with poppers positioned between the legs, this way any lumps or bumps are completely hidden.

You can of course wear the panty corselet under skirts and dresses too but the open corselet may be more practical here. The open corselet as the name suggests, does not fasten underneath, but remains open. This form of corselet is available with detachable suspender clips enabling you to add stockings to your underwear ensemble.


The girdle is another retro lingerie piece which is designed to pull in the waste and flatten the tummy. It has been around in its various guises for over 100 years. As fashions have come and gone in that time, so too has the desire to wear a girdle but they are enjoying a resurgence in popularity nowadays as more and more women (and some men) look to secretly enhance their body shape.

A flatter tummy, slinky hips and a shapely bottom can all be achieve through wearing a girdle, no surprise then that girdles are as popular now as they ever were. Ask any style conscious woman what she’d like for Christmas, and those three things will not be far down the list.

There is no such thing as the generation gap when it comes to wearing girdles. The girdle is no longer regarded as an older woman’s garment, younger women are discovering them too and wondering why their older, wiser lady friends have not let them in on the secret before now..

Retro girdles come in a wide range of styles and designs so you can wear them under all types of clothing. You can wear them under suits, wedding dresses, evening gowns, trousers and trouser suits. You can even wear them under skirts, dresses and jeans. Some even come with hooks so you can wear them with stockings achieving that ultra glam and retro look.

Bullet Bras

Bullet bras make you sit up and pay attention. Popularised in the 50′s, the bullet bra, cone bra or pointy bra as it was also known, was the bra of choice for all of those otherwise respectably clad pin up girls.

Though they are extremely comfortable, comfort was not their principal raison d’etre. The reason any girl would wear a bullet bra would be to draw attention to what she considered to be her best assets and bullet bras were very effective at doing just that. Usually worn under soft fabrics, these traffic stopping, head turning creations were designed for one thing and one thing only, to get a girl noticed.

Suspender Belts

Stockings and suspenders were all the rage in the 40′s and 50′s before tights came along in the 60′s so to complete your retro lingerie collection, suspender belts are a must. Opinion is divided as to whether your suspender belt and stockings need to be the same colour. Black and white combinations are popular as are black and red but many other colour combinations work well to.

Complete the look with a sexy garter. Originally these items were used to help support the stocking but with the arrival of the holdup stocking, garters are now used for decoration.

There is no doubt that wearing stockings and a suspender belt makes you feel more feminine and sexy. They boost the confidence of the wearer and put a smile on the face of the beholder.

One tantalizing style of sexy lingerie is the leather corsets. Nowadays with the suppleness of the leather, it makes for a very desirable and sensual experience. Gone are the days when leather was hard and chaffing and restrictive. Leather today is soft and pliable and can mold to the shape of your body. A comfortable tightness accentuating your assets and hiding those parts you want to keep hidden is something you’ll love.

One reason leather is so popular is that it is a natural material and can be worn next to the skin, creating a second skin effect. It breathes and its popularity is that when worn it adopts the temperature of its surroundings so to touch it will feel as warm as your own skin.

Corsets create a feel for bygone eras and there is a look that will appear alluring to whomever you want to entice. There are a range of styles and colors, black being the most fabulously sexy color. With the mass appeal of movies and TV shows, erotic garments are widely sought after.

When we think of a corset we think of lacing up the front, worn with suspenders and high heels. But there’s a huge range now – there is a buckled look, an under-bust corset, a cup-less feature, corsets with zips, leather and lace, and the leather paneled old-world look with brocade in between the panels.

Wearing leather corsets is not something only for the bedroom. Teamed up with a skirt, either a tight one or a lacy look, it’s a highly erotic experience for a night club or party.

The penultimate look is the white corset with white suspenders and heels for your wedding night. There are leather corsets for any day or night event. Corsets are now seen as a classy look and can be a main feature in your wardrobe attire that you team up with separates for any occasion.

Sexy Stockings on High Demand

14 Nov 2010 Stockings

It is always the girls who rule the boys and the entire world with their sexy figure and style. They always bring out their sexy style with the help of different stockings that expel their leg beauty to the world. Apart from that, the stockings are so cheap in price which can be purchased from different online shops or garment shops that sell out cheap lingerie, sexy bra, inner wear and sexy stocking.

The complete comfort of every girl and women can only be given by the wearing a comfort that fits them. You have different varieties of stockings like lace stockings, nylon stockings and fishnet stockings, which can be worn based on the lingerie color and pattern you wear. Every stockings price, which provides a extraordinary look, is incomparably less in price when compared to the normal costumes that you purchase from costume shops. Since these attractive stockings are made up of nylon threads and fishnet finish, you will feel the best comfort where you don’t get any kind of sweat by wearing these stockings. But normally when you wear a normal stockings that is made up of an elastic material or cotton material that are fully closed, you will end up with sweat, skin disease, irritations and other kind of health problems. So in this way it is always good to go for stockings which are a very useful garment for every woman.

Sexy stockings also have the implicit feature of fitting your legs into it and giving a good look, even if you have shapeless legs. You can always give the look of the hot babes forever by wearing these kind of attractive stockings for which the guys are always looking for. Normally models always prefer to wear sexy stockings while doing their ramp walks on different stages to impress the judges and audience. Not only that the slim girls can only wear these stockings. Apart from them even the medium and fat girls can wear these sexy stockings, as these nylon and netted stockings are very much expandable and are available at different sizes. These sexy stockings are also so cheap, which may grab just few dollars from your pocket.

Designed to give a look of innocence and sweetness, sheer babydoll lingerie is a combination of a curt nightie and equivalent panties. No matter how much purity it would like to project, though, babydoll lingerie can be the most suggestive lingerie out there. Extremely sexy and very flattering, babydoll designs range from see-through, midriff-baring, to low-cut.

The babydoll is definitely the lingerie of choice if you’re on the lookout for risqué lingerie. If you want to bare more skin than usual, there are babydolls that do just that for you with only a tie in front to give a hint of cover. Pairing your lingerie with a matching g-string would even give that extra sexy look you want.

Sheer babydoll lingerie offers a huge assortment of styles giving you a lot of options for your exotic lingerie. Some tops cover up to your waist while some show off your whole tummy. Some babydolls even come with flexible spaghetti straps, criss-cross straps, or halter tops.

And it does not stop at styles. Babydoll lingerie come in different colors, too – from the usual preference of red and black to whatever color makes you feel confident and beautifully sexy. As not everyone’s skin tone works all that well with black lingerie, some other options may be pale pink, deep turquoise, cream, or beige baby dolls.

Because of lots of choices, there’s a babydoll for each and every woman making it a favorite among all. These nighties can go as long as necessary to hide some parts that aren’t particularly flattering. A choice between a loose top and a tight-fitting one gives you the chance to wear what exactly looks great on you. While to make you feel pretty, there’s the option between a thong panty and a bikini.

You will see that one of the best things about sheer babydoll lingerie is in its details. Most of the time, babydolls are laden with ribbons, laces, and bows. Even the selection of fabric is wide with sheer and lace babydolls.

Lace babydolls that come in sheer, stretchy lace fabric can either be cute or hot. There are also lace babydolls made of silk or satin with a lot of gorgeous lace trim.

Sheer babydoll lingerie are the most popular because it projects innocence while being naughty at the same time. This kind of nightie with its see-through fabric makes of such erotic lingerie. And there is not shortage of types for sheer babydolls. There the totally sheer type and there are also those with silk undies or satin cups. You have the option of going for a see-through lace or a sheer chiffon.

Sheer babydoll lingerie can be the most fitting for those special occasions. But don’t forget that at ordinary times, they can be the best alternative to the usual pajamas. It is truly important to feel sensual and sexy when going to bed. Initially, it sure does its job if you’re doing it to give out some hints. But even more importantly, it makes you feel beautiful inside and out.


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